15 Chemo Tips

What to do, what not to worry about, and what else could happen during chemo.

  1. Rest. The most important thing you can give yourself.
  2. Help. Let family and friends assist you, don’t try to maintain your normal activity. Overdoing it will catch up to you.
  3. Know that the effects of Chemo and Radiation will subside over time. You will return to your normal self soon.
  4. Sleeplessness. Ask your family or Oncologist for a sleep aid.
  5. Sex Drive. Not to worry, it will return. Just give it time.
  6. Crying is good therapy. You have every right to have a good cry. You will become more emotional than normal. That’s okay too.
  7. Anger. Get angry and then fight. Cancer will not define or take anything else from you. You’re a warrior now. Giving up is not an option.
  8. Smile. Find something every day that makes you happy and laugh. The best medicine to fight cancer is to laugh, love and be happy.
  9. Eat Healthy organic and clean food. Diet is now more important than ever. Your body is a temple and it’s time you start feeding it good foods and eliminate all the bad. No sugar or white flour and drink lots of water.
  10. Vitamins and Supplements can be very important in your recovery. Always ask or talk to your doctor first.
  11. Aching legs, muscles, and joint pain. The doctor can prescribe medications that will help. I took Epson Salt soaks every night for 20 minutes. I felt it helped immensely. Essential oils can help as well, especially Frankincense.
  12. Hair loss. It happens and it’s not the end of the world. My hair was long so I cut my hair in stages, every week a little shorter until I was ready to shave my head. Then I just did a 4-guard shave. Your hair follicles become very sore. Our Chemo Bands can help with the, sometimes extreme, discomfort. Our head cover gives back your dignity and style.
  13. Flaky Scalp is also normal. Use clean oil, such as fractionated coconut oil, on the scalp. I found brushing my head lightly with a manicure brush worked the best.
  14. Nails and Toenails. Ask your doctor if your type of chemo will affect your nails. If so soak your nails in ice water while receiving chemo. Bring small bags of frozen peas to your treatment to place on your toes. You can reuse the pea bags until they spring a leak. Just refreeze before your next treatment.
  15. Rogaine and Biotin tablets. (Always ask your doctor first) Start using right after your last treatment. You will be amazed at how fast your hair will grow back. Just remember to always wear gloves. You don’t want hair on the palms of your hands. 

Chemo head cover Bands